UNSW Bushwalking & Mountaineering Club

Newsletter - March 2002


Well, welcome back to uni for another year. Hopefully uni work hasn't started to set in too much yet. Apologies that this newsletter is a little late in getting out. Anyway, there are some great trips coming up this Easter - check out the trips list at the end of the newsletter.

The club newsletter has news about important happenings in the club, the latest trips list, trip reports, tips for the outdoors, and occasionly even extended rambling by club members. Much of the content comes from club members. If you would like to write a trip report to go in the newsletter, or have some tips on bush cooking or anything outdoors, get in touch with Andrew (acollins@climb.wow.aust.com). If you are interested in running a club trip (after all, the only way trips can run is if some members run the trips), again, get in touch with me, or any one of the exec members. We are more than happy to help out and give some advice.

Climbing at the Ledge - Important notice

Due to the public holiday, the Ledge will not be open on Easter Friday, 29 March. Also, we will not pay for the entry of club members on the Friday during the Easter break (5 April). If you still wish to go, your club card will entitle you to a discounted entry fee.

How the club works

Our club is basically a social club, which allows people with a similar interest in the outdoors to meet and organise trips together. Most of us aren't professionals, though a lot of us have many years of experience in leading trips, and so the trips are run on a competent amateur basis. Each trip is like a trip that you'd organise with your own friends, except that with hundreds club members, it is much easier to get people for your trips, and to meet other outdoors people.

Each month, on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Roundhouse we hold a club meeting. People show slides and photos of previous trips, we listen to guest speakers and announce upcoming trips. If you'd like to meet and get to know the people who are active in the club, come along to one of these meetings. Any trips that are announced at the meeting or have been notified to the newsletter editor, are added to the trips list, which is incorporated into the next newsletter and posted on our webpage. People who are interested in a trip can then contact the trip leader, and find out more about it.

In addition our club has a huge selection of gear which is available for use on club trips and, depending upon availability, for hire for your own personal trips. We require a deposit on the gear that is refunded upon the safe return of the gear.

If you are interested in rock climbing, we have regular training sessions every friday evening during session from 5pm. These are held at "The Ledge", a climbing gym in the Sydney University Womens Sports Union. Once you have acquired the basic rope skills involved in rockclimbing, you can attend these weekly training sessions for free (you will need to bring your own harness and shoes, or hire them). This year, there is also a Beginners' Climbing Training Course, so even if you know nothing about climbing but are interested to learn, be sure to sign up.

(gratuitously pulled from a previous newsletter)

Our Website - www.bmc.unsw.edu.au

This is your first port of call if you want to know anything about the club. The site hosts the latest trips list and news. There are lots of admin pages, with information such as the contact details of the exec, how to join the club, how to get to The Ledge, how to join the mailing lists, and so on. The site is a store of old newsletters - see how the club has changed over the years. There are pages on walking, climbing, canyoning, and most activities performed by club members. If you are not sure what to take on walks, mountain biking trips or ski tours, the site hosts gear lists to help you out.

The Committee (aka the exec)

Feel free to get in touch with an exec member for any reason. If you are going to call us, please do so sometime between 8am and 9pm. Some of us are night owls, others early starters, but guess wrong, and you will feel our wrath! :-)

Position What they actually do Name e-mail phone
President Anything, and everything Andrew Collins acollins@climb.wow.aust.com 93860499
Joint Vice-President   Marc Chee brainchile@yahoo.com 0411 079 883
Joint Vice-President   Tom Sobey tsobey@hotmail.com 9337 4741
Secretary Deals with membership issues, takes minutes at meetings Arianna Cowling ilikedaus@yahoo.com.au  
Treasurer Keeps the money Kabir Bostrom kabirbostrom@hotmail.com  
Gear Gal Lends and rents out the gear, terrorises those who don't return the gear Lou Pastro pukanja@hotmail.com 0408 283112
Gear Guy As above, but not afraid to wield one of the club's ice axes Bob Groneman trafficnegotiatorman@yahoo.com

0412 325 124

Sports Association Rep. Represents us at the Sports Association GCM Position open. Any takers?
Rock Climbing Officer Organises club entries into climbing competitions and generally coordinates climbing activities. Ben Cirulis b_cirulis@hotmail.com  
Rogaining Officer Organises club entries into rogaines. Adrian Smith adrian.smith@student.unsw.edu.au  
Biking Officer Promotes all forms of biking in the club Lindsay Menday lmenday@hotmail.com  
Meetings Officer Organises meetings and fantastic guest speakers, naturalist extraordinaire Merinda Voigt    
Social Officer Organises BBQs, pub crawls, formal dinners on top of tall mountains, etc. Position open. Any takers?


Boree Log

A cartoon of the 1999 Boree Log by Emma MurrayWell, some of you might have went to last year's Boree Log at Bungonia. It was a great weekend. Over 70 people made it down there, possibly a club record. This year promises to be just as large and fun-filled. The Boree Log will run at the end of week 5 (the first weekend after the holidays), on 12-14 April. Most of us will be heading down Friday afternoon and eveving, but some will probably head down during Saturday.

Bungonia is located a few hours south-west of Sydney, not far from Goulburn. The area is dominated by a huge limestone gorge, which is lined with cliffs over 300 metres high. There are heaps of things to do. The area is littered with caves, from easy, open caves with metal ladders, to claustrophobic, tight caves for the more adventurous. Not far from camp is a swimming hole, complete with rock jump and above-water bouldering. There a several great walks, perhaps the best one passing over a boulder choke and through Bungonia Gorge, with the cliffs towering above. The Shoalhaven River has some great liloing, and there are several tricky canyons in the region as well.

:The camp site itself could not really be described as a wilderness location, but the extensive facilities (showers, cooking shed, etc) are ideal for a large group. The night should be just as fun as the day. We'll have a large fire, and plenty of tent space, but for the best sleep, consider sleeping under the stars. Free of interference from the city lights, the sky is amazing. A club tradition has slowly formed over the last few years: go bush, and dress up in formal clothes. The crazier the spot, the greater the effect (we've worn tuxes on top of the Third Sister, and while camping in the snow!) We engourage you to bring your suits and dresses along! Chances are, substantial amounts of alcohol will be consumed as well.

All in all, the Boree Log is a great way to meet other people in the club. If you want to come along, feel free to email Andrew (acollins@climb.wow.aust.com). I will send out email updates to all who email me. The real trick is to find a car space. Soon, we will place a list of drivers on the website - it will be up to you to arrange a spot in a car. If we don't have enough drivers, you can catch a train to Goulburn, and we'll pick people up from the station at pre-arranged times. If you can get a car, please drive to the Boree Log, we need the spaces!. Contact Andrew at the above address with some details, including how many people you can take. Naturally, fuel costs are split between the passengers. Also contact me if you feel like running a trip during the weekend.

There soon will be a web page with info on the Boree Log at our website. It will include the drivers list, a train timetable and pickup times, and a list of things you should take for the weekend.

Trip Report - Kelvinator Canyon

Well, the plan was to do Kelvinator Canyon and Whungee Wheengee canyon on saturday, Feb 9. However, the trip did not quite go as planned.....

We arrived at Mount Wilson at about 10.30, after enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the Richmond Bakery, and (for me), a relaxing morning's swing in the hammock! After sorting gear (with bob taking the usual 9 thermals, not including those he was wearing!) we set off down the ridge. The plan was to cross the Wollangambe and climb the ridge on the other side, drop down to the left to do Kelvinator canyon, swim back up the 'gambe to where we had crossed before, climb the same ridge, have lunch, and drop down to the right to do Whungee Wheengee. I first began to become slightly suspicious about the feasibility of this plan after reaching the top of the ridge (for the first time!) at 11.30!

We found Kelvinator canyon with no great problems, and enjoyed the walk/scramble down the gorgeous fern-surrounded creek. We dropped down two short abseils, yelping appropriately when we had to wade or swim in the seemingly antarctic water, before the real canyon began, with a 15m drop into an enclosed, narrow slot. It was beautiful! After all successfully abseiling down (with the help of Scott as our 'safety man' - this abseil had a VERY tricky start!) we waded and swam down this beautiful enclosed section of the canyon, eventually reaching the Wollangambe at around 4pm. I can't speak for the others, but by then I was definitely getting rather chilly... the water was FREEZING! We defrosted in the unexpected sunshine, enjoying lunch and a warming cup of tea, realising that perhaps the plan to swim back up the 'gambe, climb the ridge again, and descend a canyon that was twice as long as the one we just did was not such a great plan if we were aiming to return to Sydney before 2am the next morning!

So donning the wet thermals and wetsuits once more, we enjoyed a relaxing 1km swim back up the Wollangame (with our packs for floatation) to the point where we had descended earlier in the day, and headed back towards the cars. The trip back was slightly more entertaining than usual, as Owain, Marton and I rolled almost the entire way back to richmond (in neutral) as I had intelligently made the decision that my car had enough petrol to go up to Mt Wilson and back without filling up! We raced down the hills, in order to gain enough momentum to get past most of the flat bits, although on some sections, especially the uphills, we still only made approx 30km/hr! I have a feeling that we were the subject of many curses from drivers stuck behind us! All in all it was a great trip.

Report: Lou Pastro
Attendee's: Scott Farquar, Bob Groneman, Marton Hidas, Tristan Mercer, Lou Pastro, Owain Williams.

Trips List

Saturday, 16 March 2002 - Sunday, 17 March 2002 Beginners Canyoning Weekend - Queens Park and The Blue Mountains
The plan for this weekend is to spend saturday (or part thereof) at Queens Park in Randwick getting people familiar with harnesses, abseiling, care of ropes and hardware and learning a few basic self-rescue techniques. The Sunday will then consist of a beginners Canyon (probably in the blue mountains) so that people can put their new found skills into practice. Numbers for both these days are limited so you need to contact me soon!
Lou Pastro pukanja@hotmail.com.
Friday, 22 March 2002 5:00:00 PM Indoor Climbing - Sydney University
The club's regular indoor climbing - free for members.
Saturday, 23 March 2002 Rogaine - Hornsby Area
Rogaining involves running around the bush in small teams, looking for checkpoints. Heaps of fun, and the perfect way to improve your navigation skills. Ideal for beginners.
Adrian Smith adrian.smith@student.unsw.edu.au.
Saturday, 23 March 2002 Beginners Rock Climbing - Mt Kiera, Wollongong
A beginners day to get a taste for Rock Climbing and generally have a fun day out. This trip is full. Please don't send anymore emails.
Marc Chee Brainchile@yahoo.com.
Friday, 29 March 2002 - Monday, 1 April 2002 Bushwalking - Budawangs
This is a range of mountains within Morton National Park, located inland from Ulladulla on the south coast.
Mark Worsfold mark.worsfold@bigpond.com.
Easter Break Cycle Touring - Snowy Mountains
This will be for about a week during the easter break. This trip is now full.
Lou Pastro pukanja@hotmail.com or Owain Williams owainwilliams@hotmail.com.
Last Friday of Every Month Critical Mass - Hyde Park
Critical Mass is an amazing coincidence, whereby, on the last Friday of every month, a bunch of cyclists, skaters, skate-boarders and other human-powered vehiclists (sometimes up to 300-400 of them!) just happen to be taking the same route through the city together. Meet at Hyde Park fountain at 5:30 or in front of the Applied Science building at 5 and ride there together. Still plenty of time for climbing afterwards!
Blanka Golebiowski b.golebiowski@crcert.unsw.edu.au.
Sunday, 31 March 2002 University Orienteering Championships - Goulbourn
This is a really good fun event which is a great way to learn and improve on your navigation and more importantly social skills
Tom Sobey tsobey@hotmail.com.
Monday, 1 April 2002 - Sunday, 7 April 2002 Rock Climbing - Wolgan Valley
Intended activities - multipitching for experienced (intermediate - advanced) climbers. We have a party of three so far and are looking for 1 or 3 more people to keep to 2 multiples. We have two racks and two ropes. BYO all gear for an extended camping stay. Also walking and caving swimming in the area - but hey there's way too much climbing to do there. Possible long trad routes in the Blue mountains if we get bored. Should be a great Easter trip.
Matt Fisher m.fisher@unsw.edu.au.
Thursday, 4 April 2002 - Saturday, 6 April 2002 Bushwalking - Blue Mountains
I'm leading a little trip down to a beautiful area of bush where the blue mountains national park first originated. The trip's not particularly arduous but will require a moderate level of fitness, and beginners are quite welcome along. I'm going to limit the numbers to 8 so if your interested email me with your name, contact details, and what gear you have and what gear you need[standard bushwalking gear needed, if not sure see the club web page for a list under overnight walks].
Tom Sobey tsobey@hotmail.com.
Tuesday, 9 April 2002 7:00:00 PM Club Meeting - Roundhouse
Andrew Collins acollins@climb.wow.aust.com.
Friday, 12 April 2002 5:00:00 PM Indoor Climbing - Sydney University
The club's regular indoor climbing - free for members.
Friday, 12 April 2002 - Sunday, 14 April 2002 Boree Log - Bungonia
The Boree Log is our annual 'big' camp. This year, like last, it will be held at Bungonia. Expect great camping, and plenty of opportunities to head off for bushwalking, canyoning, rock climbing, abseiling, caving, liloing and swimming as well! The Boree Log is always great fun :-)
Andrew Collins acollins@climb.wow.aust.com.
Friday, 19 April 2002 5:00:00 PM Indoor Climbing - Sydney University
The club's regular indoor climbing - free for members.
Friday, 26 April 2002 5:00:00 PM Indoor Climbing - Sydney University
The club's regular indoor climbing - free for members.
Friday, 3 May 2002 5:00:00 PM Indoor Climbing - Sydney University
The club's regular indoor climbing - free for members.
Friday, 10 May 2002 5:00:00 PM Indoor Climbing - Sydney University
The club's regular indoor climbing - free for members.
Tuesday, 14 May 2002 7:00:00 PM Club Meeting - Roundhouse
Andrew Collins acollins@climb.wow.aust.com.
Friday, 17 May 2002 5:00:00 PM Indoor Climbing - Sydney University
The club's regular indoor climbing - free for members.
Friday, 24 May 2002 - Saturday, 25 May 2002 Oxfam Trailwalker - Northern Sydney
How does walking 100 kilometers in 48 hours sound? The walk starts at Hunters Hill, finishes at Brooklyn, and covers some excellent terrain in between. The club will pay for the entry fee.
Bob Groneman trafficnegotiatorman@yahoo.com.
Friday, 24 May 2002 5:00:00 PM Indoor Climbing - Sydney University
The club's regular indoor climbing - free for members.
Friday, 31 May 2002 5:00:00 PM Indoor Climbing - Sydney University
The club's regular indoor climbing - free for members.
Friday, 7 June 2002 5:00:00 PM Indoor Climbing - Sydney University
The club's regular indoor climbing - free for members.
Tuesday, 11 June 2002 7:00:00 PM Club Meeting - Roundhouse
Andrew Collins acollins@climb.wow.aust.com.
Friday, 14 June 2002 5:00:00 PM Indoor Climbing - Sydney University
The club's regular indoor climbing - free for members.
Saturday, 22 June 2002 - Sunday, 23 June 2002 Australian 24 hour Adventure Race - Sydney
Might be of interest to the many 'hard-core' BMCers out there....start training!!! good introduction for those considering something bigger later, like the ECOchallenge
Carolina Roman c.roman@web.de.
February or March 2003 Cycle Touring - New Zealand
I know this is a while away but I have started planning a cycling tour of New Zealand for February or March next year. If you would like to be emailed a copy of the plan I have written for both the north and south island (probably only taking in one of these), then please email.
Karl Umlauff Karlu@mbox.com.au.